cool bananas生長紀錄(完成)



 2012年8月28日,天秤颱風過後,cool bananas feel good~

2012-09-03It's a good day for banana tree, to grow up ~take off ~

2012-09-12 It's time to have a Youth Child.

2012-09-22-23,The soil after the cool banana~

2012-10-03,that is a afternoon sunshine with Cool banana 

2012-10-12 cool banana need water,Irrigation

2012-11-01 Cool Banana will be cleaned leaf .

2012-11-08 Cool Banana into the winter, It's still strong and healthy

2012-11-16,Cool Banana drink more water, so when I walk near by him  the banana milk wet my clothes~

2012-11-26 cool banana like Rock and roll~so we prepare some rock music to let him listen.

2012-12-06,After few  rainy day,cool banana have already get ready  to have some baby

2012-12-12,Guess what this is?animal stool?U got it! That is Snail stool,it's very friendly banana tree is called Cool Banana!

2012-12-25, Near by Cool banana,there are a banana tree have be flowering, maybe Cool Banana will soon be flowering .  

2013-01-03,Happy New year ~ Cool Banana will be a stronger guy in banana farm.

2013-01-12,After Cool Banana cot the leaf time...


2013-01-23,Cool Baanana will be so strong

2013-02-04,Cool Banana has become a strongest tree from other tree

2013-02-21,Cool Banana pass the Chinese new year , Hoping it will healthy in this snake year.

2013-03-04,Cool~U have some  muscle!!

2013-03-12,Cool Banana come into spring!

2013-03-22,Cool Banana will get fourth fertilize! We want it get more banana for the master.

2013-04-05, As soon as Cool Banana will get good whether, it's spring rainy day~

2013 -04-11, Congregation!!!Cool Banana have a big flower~ 

2013 04-17 , Spring rain become Cool Banana getting soon to grow up ~ 
We have already prepare a bag protect it!

2013,05-07,Cool Banana's banana getting big! We will hope it have a good environment so we cut the grass for it.  

2013-05-23 Cool Banana have a wish , it want the master will visit him one day and reap banana! this summer vocation!

2013,06-05Cool banana' s head is bending, I guess the weight of banana about 25KG-30KG.
The harvest day will about 3 week ago . When the master get marry~!!

2013-06-26,Cool Banana harvest for Cool Banana master~
Wishing her have a good marry life!Eating good banana~